Buy The Best Birthstone Necklace Online in 2022

Buy The Best Birthstone Necklace Online in 2022

Are you a necklace lover? Or do you want to buy the birthstone necklace for your mom? Do you in search of the most classy necklace range? Here we are to provide you a list of elegant birthstone necklaces that will help you enhance your beauty, and some wear this as a good luck charm.

An ornament is used to wear to enhance beauty. For the past many centuries, people are using gemstones as an amulet, So people like to wear these baguettes. Many people believe that stones have a great impact on their life. Astrologers believe that stones impact someone’s life, and wearing the stones brings happiness, and good health and protects you from unusual things.

Different kinds of rocks are for other types of people like each birth month has extra sparkles to wear, and every birthstone has different comeliness. People wear divergent stones for their contrasting factors. Some stones are for good providence in life, so people put on the stones in personalized birthstone necklaces, rings, etc.


Birthstone boost your inner strength but not every stone is adequate for everyone, and each gem smashes differently on an individual. Each gemstone has a distinct meaning and represents other qualities of an individual. An individual month has a different rock like the people born in January can only wear Garnet means protection. Each month has an individual stone with independent qualities.

People put on gems on rings, bracelets, and also on the locket. Customized necklaces are available; you can choose different styles and also customize gold birthstone necklaces for your mom.

We will provide you a list of some mother negligees with names and birthstones to help you choose the gemstone and wear it for your good health and fortune, so have a look at them:

At a Glance:

1. Loving Family Sterling Silver Mother’s Loving Embrace Pendant Necklace

Loving Family Sterling Silver Mother’s Loving Embrace Pendant Necklace
Loving Family Sterling Silver Mother’s Loving Embrace Pendant Necklace

Relios designed this beautiful pendant; it is closed to the mother’s closed-arm design. Loving family jewelry is the symbol of love for moms. It comes in a customized design, and you can buy this pendant with one, two, three, and four charms as your desire.

Sterling Silver pendant has a pleasing design; the material used in this pendant is hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver; that’s why it is nickel-free, and for those who have sensitive skin, it is safe for them and can also wear this every day.

This pendant is specially designed for loved ones; you can gift this to your family and friends and close ones on any occasion like a birthday, anniversary, or a thank-you moment.

When you gave this to your mom, she feels pleasure for having this; this birthstone necklace always reminds you of your mother. Details of these customized necklace areas under have a look at them.

Design and Measurement:

Mother closed-arm design with personalizing four Swarovski crystals represents the mother and child’s love for each other. Weight of the neckless 7 grams and 18 inches long snake chain, pendant is one inch long and ½ inch wide and spring ring clasp with 4 inches long extender.

Product Specification:

Product NameLoving Family Sterling Silver Mother’s Loving Embrace Pendant Necklace
MetalSterling Silver
Width 0.75 inches
Weight 0.25 ounces


  • Available in three different metals
  • Authenticated metal stamp
  • High-quality Stone


  • Not-Resizable

2. Valentines Day Gift – Personalized Mothers Day Bar Birthstone Necklace

Valentines Day Gift - Personalized Mothers Day Bar Birthstone Necklace
Valentines Day Gift – Personalized Mothers Day Bar Birthstone Necklace

On Valentine’s day, you must gift this necklet to your mom dad. This alluring torc has a double necklace bar with a gouge customized name on it. Two Swarovski birthstone crystals hang on top of it. These bars are made of stainless steel and have a magnifying surface. You can scoop out the names of mom, dad, child’s name, and husband’s, wife’s names.

The material used in making this sautoir is significantly less reactive to this skin, so those who have sensitive skin can also wear this daily. People feel confident when they wear this chain. Stainless steel has a dustproof surface and does not tarnish. It has a rustproof body so that this chain will last longer. The material and its design are more precisely described below, so have a look for more details of this product:

Design and Measurement:

The two bars’ length is 1.25″ *0.25.” each bar has a Swarovski birthstone; the chain is also made from stainless steel, bars come with a highly polished mirror-like finish. The chain has a length of 18.”

Product Specification:

Product NameValentines Day Gift – Personalized Mothers Day Bar Necklace
MetalStainless steel


  • Customizable
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Not adjustable
  • Expensive

3. Sterling Silver Created Gemstone and Created White Sapphire birthstone  Wrapped with Heart Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Created Gemstone and Created White Sapphire birthstone  Wrapped with Heart Pendant Necklace
Sterling Silver Created Gemstone and Created White Sapphire birthstone  Wrapped with Heart Pendant Necklace

Opal stone is worn for a relationship, marital bliss, and helps in the pleasing personality. For the persons who were born in October, their sparkle is an opal. If you are looking for the Riviere to gift for the one whose birth month is October, this is the right choice.

Heart shape torc is the sign of love and affection, and an opal bore on it makes it double in value. Opal white sapphire heart locket is beautiful and unique in design; along with white sapphire, 22 stones burrow around them, creating a quirky layout. I think it is the best necklace gift for the September birthstone. The high-quality material used for longevity,  A detail of the product and brief design is as below:

Design and Measurement:

Opal with created white sapphire has a heart shape with a weight of 0.6 carats, and pearls have 22 small stones excavated on the heart, each weight of 0.19 carats with a round shape. The chain with this necklet has 18″ long with a spring-ring closure.

Rhodium plating was added with 925 Sterling Silver to enhance its durability and shine. Electrocoating is used to save the material from lustrous.

Product Specification:

Product NameSterling Silver Created Gemstone and Created White Sapphire
MetalSterling silver
MaterialMetal, created opal, white sapphire
Stone weight sapphire0.19 carats
Stone weight opal0.6 carats
ChainSpring ring closure
Metal Weight2.4 grams


  • Nickel-free
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Inexpensive


  • Not adjustable

4. Family Tree of Life Floating Living Memory Locket Pendant Necklace with Birthstone

Best Pick
Family Tree of Life Floating Living Memory Locket Pendant Necklace with Birthstone
Family Tree of Life Floating Living Memory Locket Pendant Necklace with Birthstone

The family tree of life birthstone necklace has a unique design that opens from the side like a book. It secures the magnetic seal floating, so the gems on the necklet don’t worry about losing any treasure from that torque. Its design from a family’s concept can be a gift to any family member like a father, mother, or daughter.

It may be given to someone for a sentimental purpose and used as a trend, and comes with a shiny rhinestone shiny surface that creates a luxurious look;  with a modish box of jewelry for the gift.

Design and Measurement:

The pendant has 30mm *30mm *7mm, with an outer diameter of 30mm, and an inner diameter of 23mm. It comes with a bead chain and an adjustable chain. The pendant is closed by the strong magnet, and pearls are stuck between that magnet. You can easily open this floating pendant and add more cabochons to enhance the beauty and make a new look each day. Disc of the charm will move around because of its floating nature.

Product Specification:

Product NameFamily Tree of Life Floating Living Memory Locket Pendant
Gem typeCubic zirconia
Width1.18 inches


  • Adjustable chain
  • Available in multiple weight
  • Different gold colors
  • 30 days guarantee


  • Expensive

5. BlingGem Cross Necklaces For December birthstone, for Women:

BlingGem Cross Necklaces For December birthstone, for Women
BlingGem Cross Necklaces For December birthstone, for Women

Cubic zirconia pendant has a beautiful religious cross symbol design, combined with a rose flower on it, and each gem has a different color that represents the other months. The Rose flower shows the sign of love and prosperity. This pendant is a beautiful gift that anyone can have; BlingGem also made this pendant in attractive packing, so if you are searching for a present with lovely gift box packing, this necklet has the right choice.

Cut design of cubic zirconia has the sophisticated design comes with different colors of twelve months, you can choose this according to your birth month.

Design and Measurement:

High-quality cubic zirconia is placed on the pendant along with the rose flower, which enhances the beauty of that necklet. The Cross pendant has the size of 0.79″ in width and 1.26″ in length. Zirconia gem has the size of 0.16″ * 0.16″. the chain has come with 17.7″ of length and 1.2″ of width in cable design. Stone has a round shape with an ideal cut design. All these measurements are done under high supervision that making this pendant unique and elegant.

Product Specification:

Product NameBling Gem Cross Necklaces for Women
Gem typeCubic zirconia
Length19 inches


  • Nickel-free
  • Reliable


  • no resizable chain

6. Letter Charms Initial A-Z Alphabet Beads:

Budget Pick
Letter Charms Initial A-Z Alphabet Beads
Letter Charms Initial A-Z Alphabet Beads

EMOSTAR has designed these letter beads lockets; each letter has symbolized with special meaning and the charms with multiple possibilities. A letter shows endless possibilities and progress, B shows togetherness and friendship, C shows regret and shapes like a crescent moon.

D is an energy symbol, E is a symbol of knowledge, F has a sign of excitement, G symbolizes the connection between two, H shows the upward position, I shows the independence symbol, J has the emblem of choices, K is for norms, L is showing the sign of fashion, M is also for options, N is for a lightning bolt means breaking things.

O is the symbol of unity, P is symbolizing for beauty, Q represents the dream, R shows the passing of time, T is the sign of moving, U illustrated expectations, W is for win situation because it is the combination of two V, X is for error symbol, Y is Victory symbol and Z tortuous life.

Design and Measurement:

This Carcanet diameter is about 0.18 inches or 4.6mm, which is compatible with all major brands of 3mm. The material used in this emostar is .925 sterling silver, which is rustproof and has a smooth surface with the rose gold plated and a cubic zirconia birthstone.

Product Specification:

Product NameLetter Charms Initial A-Z Alphabet Beads
MetalSterling silver
MaterialRose Gold plated, inlays
diameter0.18 inches
Gem typeCubic zirconia
ShapeAll alphabets shape


  • Different gems stone
  • Excellent quality
  • Rashes proof


  • Only a single round shape

7. I Love You for Always and Forever Heart Birthstone Necklace

I Love You for Always and Forever Heart Birthstone Necklace
I Love You for Always and Forever Heart Birthstone Necklace

Lovely designed this torc as a sign of love and happiness; the necklace’s shape has embedded the butterfly shape bluestone. Each described the different meaning of life like heart shape described the love and butterfly is for freedom and bluestone represents the polite nature. The sautoir is also excavated with “I Love You Always and Forever.” which expresses your mother’s love.

Bluestone is used for healing, meditation, positive energy, and control of stress, awaking spirituality, growth, and power. It is also used as fashion accessories.

Design and Measurement:

This Riviere is made up of sterling silver with an adjustable chain of the length of 18 inches. The torc has 8.19 *5.75 *2.2 inches dimensions and a total weight of 1.76 Ounces.

Product Specification:

Product NameI Love You for Always and Forever Heart Necklace
MetalSilver-plated base
MaterialSilver-plated base
length16 inches+ 2 inches
Gem typeBlue vine stone


  • Naturally created Stone
  • Multicolors available


  • Not resizable

Buying Guides:

When you buy the necklace of any birthstone, please keep in mind some things so it’s comfortable to wear. Always buy that kind of material that suits your skin and does not make rashes on your skin. Some people have an allergic problem with some metals, so always choose your skin’s suitable material. Lass Jewelry


While purchasing the pendant from any website, first read the description and check the metal’s details. If the metal used in it suits your skin, buy that product; otherwise, it will be just a waste of your money because it is not worth it when you are not wearing it. So be wise in choosing any product and had a keen eye on the product’s materials.


The essential point for buying the necklace is the birthstone. Although every birthstone has an exceptional quality in it, like some stones have the healing power to absorb anger, some stones have the sign of love and affection.

But the thing is that not every stone is not suitable for everyone. So first, consult the astrologer so that you can exploit that stone.

Color Of Birthstone:

There are twelve color stones for each month and have different meanings.

  • January: For January, the color stone is usually in red those people born in January are supposed to be lucky, and the red stone represents wealth, good health, and happiness.
  • February: February’s birthstone is “Amethyst And has a purple color that is the sign of inner strength and power.
  • March: March stone is “Aquamarine” evokes blue skies color that represents courage, confidence, and healing.
  • April: April people had diamond qualities and have a clear symbol of purity and innocence.
  • May: May babies have “Emerald” and green in color, which shows the renewal of life and the spring season.
  • June: June has “Alexandrites” in birthstone and transparent color that balance the emotions and calming nature.
  • July: July has “Red Rubby” in birthstone, which shows passion, strength, and good luck. It gives courage and a good luck charm, and it attracts good friends.
  • August: August stone is a “Peridot” yellow color that is bestowing peace and progress
  • September: September is a sign of “Sapphire” blue in the color symbol of truth and blessings.
  • October: “Tourmaline” is the birthstone of October’s babies, best describe as peace stone. On wearing the Tourmaline, disperse anger, make you calm and enhance the level of creativity. The color of this stone is
  • November: November birthstone is “Citrine.” The success stone is best known for good fortune; Golden hued color is a sign of good health and prosperity.
  • December: “Blue Zirconia” is deemed for integrity and purity; it protects the remitter from evil eyes, illness and forms hostile powers. It also has a healing energy and brings tranquil sleep.

Read Reviews:

When you shop online, the most important thing is to read the review of that product given by the customers because fake sellers also sell their counterfeit products, then it is just a waste of your money. Must read the customer review from that website before buying anything.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: How do we choose the birthstone for ourselves?

Birthstones are plump for, by the birth month on which you were born, each stone has the specific quality and healing power and act according to the person’s personality. First consults to any astrologer; he will guide you the best for selecting the stone. If you don’t want to go to any astrologer, you can search on google according to your birth month.

Q2: From where can we buy the original birthstone online?

First, visit the different websites that offer you the stones, then read the customer’s review of every website. If the customer’s reviews are good, check the material used in it; if the customer’s reviews are not good, never buy any product from that website. Always buy the product from any authentic website, so the chance of fraud will be minimum.

Q3: How do we know the healing power of birthstone?

An ordinary person has no idea of the power of the stone. To know about any rocks, first, consult that person that knows the planets and rocks. Most astrologers have detailed knowledge of the stones and their reflections. If you have no access to any astrologer, then you can google for understanding.

Q4: Are birthstones effects on life?

For ages, it is said that stones leave an impact on life; each stone has its good and bad effects on it and some superstitions told that if you are wearing the wrong birthstone other than your birthstone, then this stone brings bad luck to your life and can leave a harmful impact on your life. The right stone brings good luck and good health to your life.


Here we conclude that the above mention birthstone necklace are all excellent and have a pleasing design so that you can get any of them according to your loved ones’ birth month, and it is a gratifying gift that you give to anyone. But before buying any product, please read our guide as mentioned above that will help you out in the buying.

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