Blue Topaz Meaning History & Benefits

Are you looking for Blue topaz history? Do you know what the meaning of Topaz is? If, No. Then no need to worry. Here we will give you complete details about Blue Topaz’s meaning and its importance.

Firstly you should know about Topaz. Topaz is a Greek word that is derived from Sanskrit Tapas. Its meaning is fire. Because of its fiery energy, this gemstone is undoubtedly associated with good fortune and high self-esteem. This crystal comes in various color ranges, but mostly these crystals are colorless. As such, the stone was frequently confused with diamonds.

Importance of Blue Topaz:

Topaz undergoes heat treatment and high radiation to achieve the desired color like other gemstones, especially in deep bluish. It is considered a protective gem. It’s protecting our outer negativity and form one owns feelings of fear, anxiety, and illusion.

In all color ranges of Topaz, it is one of the most popular and elegant stones. It is the birthstone for both Virgo and Sagittarius.

Do you know what The Meaning & Symbolism of Blue Topaz are?

Blue Topaz Meaning & History:

Bluestone is the second most popular, versatile, and gorgeous gemstone. These dazzling bluish stones have fascinated us and ignited our imaginations since early times. It is the birthstone for December and is also the chosen stone for the 4th and 19th marriage anniversaries.

In ancient Greece, Topaz was considered to add power to the wearer. For hundreds of years in India, people claimed that wearing quartz over the heart would increase the wearer grace, wisdom, and long life.

Bluish quartz symbolizes honesty, clarity of feelings, loyalty, love, eternal Romance, emotional attachment, and friendship. According to modern crystal healers, wearing this will boost self-confidence, assist in meditation, and help one think about complicated ideas.


These stones can be found in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States, among other locations. It is mined in Burma and the Soviet Union. Namibia and Nigeria are two different locations where it’s found.

Varieties of Blue-Stone & its Symbolism:

It comes in several different varieties and with symbolism. These include:

  • London Blue

The London gemstone displays a beautiful medium-dark grayish-blue color recognized by its intense color, good clarity, and brilliant luster. These stones boost your ability to connect better when speaking or writing, to express yourself in a meaningful way.

  • Swiss Blue

This Swiss Blue gemstone displays a beautiful and exceptionally bright medium to dark color. Its distinct color tone and dazzling luster differentiate this gemstone from other color varieties of stones. These stones benefit you physically, psychologically, and emotionally and it is a highly beneficial stone for those who want to build their confidence.

  • Sky Blue

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This Sky Blue gemstone displays a beautiful medium sky blue color. It is available in a wide variety of colors, from soft sky blue to deep inky bluish. It is beneficial for financial stability, fame, self-confidence, and good health.

Irradiation Methods Used to Produce Bluish-Stone:

There are three different types of irradiation methods to produce this stone, these are:

  • exposure to a gamma-ray source in a cobalt irradiator (it create an ashen blue hue)
  • electron bombardment in an accelerator ( it produces the color seen in sky ‘sky blue’ Topaz)
  • fast neutrons ( it have darker shades known as ‘London blue’)

Blue Gemstone Style Tips:

Blue topaz is extremely common in cocktail rings and other large jewelry pieces because it comes in large crystals and it also describes its meaning. Amethyst is often used at celebrity parties, and it stands out even more when combined with bluish evening wear and accessories. Except for very vivid reds and oranges, it blends well in lighter colors for all clothing tones.

How to Buy Blue Topaz Jewelry:

If you are on the hunt for elegant Blue Topaz Jewelry, you should consider the following things before buying any jewelry.

Some of the Tips Are:

  • Examine the Topaz with the naked eyes, checkout its clarity. It is wise to go for a ring that does not come with any apparent impurities because you want to get the best value for your money.
  • Topaz is colorless when it is in pure form. Different heat treatments and irradiation help achieve various bluish tones, examining the color before buying any item.
  • The most popular cuts of the transparent gem are princess, round and modern cut. But if you want to pop up its color and clarity, you may go with Asscher and emerald cuts.
  • You should also take into account its style and metal. Mostly stone comes with sterling silver and white gold because it gives clean and relaxing vibes.
  • Money is most important for us. If you go with a darker shade of bluish the expected cost will increase. Keep in mind that the nature of the gemstone will decide the price of each bluish.

Cleaning Blue Stone Jewelry at Home:

Use the soap and water method described below to clean the jewelry at home.

  • To start, fill a bowl halfway with warm water and a small amount of gentle soap. Stop using moisturizing soap because it can cause other residue and make your jewelry appear even dirtier. Daily dish soap is an excellent choice for your soap and water solution.
  • After that, soak your Amethyst jewelry in the bowl for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • To clean dirt and dust from your jewelry, remove them from the bowl and rub it with a soft cloth or a soft toothbrush. Be careful when cleaning the gemstone setting
  • Clean the jewelry by dipping it in clean water and then thoroughly rinsing it to remove any remaining soap.
  • Finally, use a soft cloth to dry your jewelry or let it air dry before storing it or wearing it again.
  • If your jewelry still appears to be dim, repeat the steps above as needed.

Note: Never use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean a topaz ring. Also, stay away from steam washing. Topaz can be affected by these cleaning methods.

Most Frequently Asked Questions of customers and their answers:

Q1: Are blue Topaz & its Symbolism Suitable for an Engagement Ring?

Ans: Yes, because Bluish transparent gem has many qualities that make it the perfect choice for engagement rings and are among the most affordable styles. It gives off peaceful and pleasant vibes that represent loyalty and lasting love.

Q2: Which blue topaz hue is the Most Valuable?

Ans: London bluish stone is a dark Amethyst with a light to the dark tone and saturation. It is one of the most demanding and valued stones in today’s market, but it is slightly expensive than swiss Amethyst.

Q3: Is Blue Topaz is Durable?

Ans: This is one of the hardest and durable gemstones. The hardness level of the is 8 on the Mohs, which is quite durable. The stone’s desirable colors, along with hardness and toughness, make this stone a favorite of jewelry lovers.


So, we concluded that Blue topaz is one of the most commonly sold jewelry on the market. Any topaz jewelry like rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings are relatively close to a woman’s heart.

Although all stones have their importance, you can select London Amethyst without hesitation if you are looking for the best engagement ring.

Rings having Blue Topaz stone:

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