Choosing What Necklace to Wear With Neckline

A necklace can make any outfit stand out and highlight certain features; but to get maximum impact from its use it must work with your neckline and overall design.

Style and length of necklaces play an essential part in whether they complement your neckline. Furthermore, this depends on both time of day and occasion.


V-necks are one of the most sought-after necklines for women. This style can help accentuate cleavage while creating the appearance of longer torso length and breaking up chest width.

Finding a V-neck necklace requires finding one that complements the contours of your neckline and creates a V shape reminiscent of its form. A pendant necklace with sharp triangle edges often works perfectly to achieve this result.

Maintain a balanced necklace length according to your neckline. A shorter necklace would look too short when worn with wide or plunging necklines, while too long of a necklace could overpower low-cut tops.

Princess or Y-shaped necklaces are classic choices that will sit delicately along your neckline without falling over your shoulders. Avoid round or asymmetrical designs as these may look too busy and out-of-place.

Celebrity stylist Yasi Guilani advises combining different-length necklaces to achieve an unifying aesthetic when styling a V-neck dress. This works great whether you want an edgier or more classic vibe!

To achieve optimal results when sewing this kind of necklace, it’s best to sew to a seam allowance. This step is especially crucial if using thin or woven fabrics as this ensures sturdy seams which don’t stretch when worn.

After your necklace has been completed, make sure that it reaches an appropriate length before trimming it off for special events or layers that might encroach. This step may prove particularly helpful.

An outfit’s neckline is at the core of its look, and selecting an eye-catching necklace can make all the difference in how it all comes together. V-neck necklaces offer depth and dimension – take your time when selecting your ideal one!

The halter neckline is similar to its counterparts in that it forms a V shape around your shoulders; however, instead of cutting directly through them it forms an “open keyhole”. This neckline may be worn alone or combined with other styles for an eye-catching peek-a-boo effect.

Scoop Neckline

The scoop neckline is one of the most flattering styles for women of all body types. Whether you have an hourglass figure, pear shape, athletic body type or petite frame; its design will elongate the neck line making you appear taller and leaner overall.

This neckline can often be found on tops, t-shirts and tank tops; however, dresses also often sport this neckline with a slight sexy appeal and is considered appropriate for evening occasions (JLo’s Versace dress comes to mind).

Sweetheart necklines offer another option of the scoop neck; this style features a rounded shape with curvier edges. Though slightly more formal than its counterpart, this look remains very feminine and flattering for most body types.

When selecting a necklace to pair with a scoop neckline, the ideal piece should end below it for ease of wearability and avoid creating an empty space that distracts.

Add dimension and interest with a short round necklace designed specifically to complement a scoop neckline, such as one featuring carved beads or pendants that flatter this type of neckline.

Long necklaces with scoop necklines can also be worn if they do not fall below the neckline of the garment you are wearing, which is particularly important if wearing something like a blouse or sleeveless top that may shift or move around during wear.

A square neckline can draw attention to your shoulders. Unfortunately, however, it may make them appear wider than they actually are.

Jewel necklines are another great way to show your individuality through fashion, with their simple silhouette that follows the curves of your neck. While these necklines work great on many body types, they may cause the bust area to appear fuller than intended.

The plunging v-neckline is another popular style found on evening gowns and going-out tops, often seen below the chest line and sometimes all the way to the belly button. This design features an intimate V shape with deep folds that span below your chest line all the way down towards your belly button.

Boat Neckline

Selecting an ideal necklace to complete any neckline of an outfit is key to looking your best. From casual T-shirts to elegant wedding gowns, wearing the ideal necklace can transform any ensemble.

There are various styles of necklaces designed specifically to complement different necklines, so finding the ideal piece can be easier. But to do so successfully it’s essential that you understand which type of neckline exists before selecting your ideal necklace style.

Boat Neckline (or Bateau Neckline) – The boat neckline (or Bateau Neckline) is one of the more classic and flattering necklines for women with narrow shoulders, as it widens the shoulder area to draw focus to those shoulders and draw them inward. Long chain-type necklaces featuring beads or medium-sized pendants work particularly well when worn with this neckline.

Cowl Neck – Cowl necklines are another popular neckline choice that pairs nicely with long necklaces or chains with beads, however make sure not to choose something too bulky that would compete for attention with this neckline. A more suitable option would be princess- or matinee length necklaces which offer more delicate elegance.

Sweetheart Neckline – For this neckline’s delicate femininity and sweetness, a simple pendant that complements its shape would look gorgeous. Additionally, this option would work well if you have a square neckline as it can help balance proportions while adding interest to an otherwise simple outfit.

V-Neckline – This neckline features wider shoulders than others but not as wide as boat or cowl necks, widening them further while drawing your face closer to the ground and framing your face inwards. A V-neck necklace with intricate detail would complement this neckline beautifully.

This neckline looks incredible with a longer pendant necklace as it will add an ornate effect and emphasize the sensuality of whatever garment you’re wearing. Long or longer chain-type necklaces look lovely with this neckline; for added elegance you could even consider sporting two rows of pearls to complete your look!

Crew Neckline

A classic neckline that often appears on casual tops such as t-shirts is the crew neck, also referred to as round neck. These classic shapes can often be found with short sleeve and long sleeve designs as well as raglan and ringer styles.

Round necklines are an ideal solution for people with sloping shoulders, as they create the appearance of squarer shoulders and give the impression of having larger chests. Round necklines also work well for people who have narrow, short faces as they create the impression of fullness in the cheek area.

Use a necklace to add extra interest and dimension to any neckline, such as with a riviere necklace that makes it appear that there is a collar around your neckline.

When wearing this neckline, select a necklace that falls just longer or slightly shorter than your neckline. A delicate short chain with an adorable pendant looks fantastic while coin pendants or lockets also work well.

As another option, combining longer chains with heavier pendants can add length and dimension to any outfit. This combination is easy to style, making it fun way to explore new styles of necklaces you might not have tried yet!

V-neck necklines make an excellent foundation for necklaces. This style looks good on almost everyone and provides an elegant but simple necklace option!

This neckline is also an economical way to add style and glamour to any outfit, without breaking the bank! A stylish necklace will turn any top or skirt into an eye-catcher!

Avoid wearing necklaces with an asymmetrical design as these will detract from your V-shape look. Instead, select a statement bib necklace which sits just slightly longer than your neckline and above your chest area.

If you want a bolder style with your neckline, consider opting for an off-the-shoulder style. This neckline highlights your shoulders and collarbones while drawing the eye upwards towards your beautiful features – this style can also be worn to any event from date nights to everyday affairs!

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