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Buy 5 Best & Latest Ruby Engagement Rings Online 2021

Are you a ruby gemstone fan? And want to buy perfect ruby rings for your engagement event? Do you want to look your hand and feel like royalty? The darling Red Ruby is one of the most romantic of all the valuable gemstones. Blood red ruby is a pretty and fantastic choice if you want to buy an attractive ring.

While some rubies are precious and can fetch very high prices. Most rubies are far less costly than diamonds of similar size.

In some situations, rubies can be much more expensive than diamonds of similar size. Ruby is a more affordable alternative to a diamond for engagement rings or other jewelry because of its lower price.

It is the gemstone of the Corundum family. While non-gem corundum is available worldwide. Gem-quality ruby is far rarer, and their source is also restricted.

It isn’t easy to find the origin of ruby, but the gem’s inclusion helps identify its origin.

For centuries, Rubies were mine in Mozambique and Myanmar. Other sources for rubies have been Australia, Afghanistan, Thailand, Brazil, India, Colombia, and Japan.

Of course, more ruby origins may provide a lovely stone for engagement rings.

Ruby is a glamorous alternative to the classic diamond rings, which are used in engagement rings. When you think about the engagement ring, I think ruby is the first stone that comes to mind.

It is the symbol of love, protection, courage, and passion.

In ancient times, ruby was once the stone of kings and queens. Many people want colored gemstones for their engagement rings.

So, ruby engagement rings demand increasing day-by-day.

So here, we will provide you a wide variety of ruby engagement rings. Wear it to improves relationships, boost your confidence and health.

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List of Unique Ruby Engagement Rings:

1. Dazzling rock Collection Kate Middleton Diana Inspired Gold Diamond & Ruby Engagement Ring:


If you are searching for something classic and adorable engagement ring, you are in the right place. The dazzling rock collection design this elegant ring to impress the person you love.

They have perfectly cut stone ruby engagement rings with various styles that will suit all preferences and budgets.

This ring is available in three different metal types:

  • Rose Gold
  • White Gold
  • Yellow Gold

Each metal has its grace. This ring is available in sizes ranges from 4 to 10 with half measures. It’s a perfect gift to show your woman how special she is for you.

Design and Measurement:

The Dazzlingrock Collection design this elegant 10k rose, a yellow and white gold ring with 2.62 grams metal’s weight.

The shimmery red oval shape ruby is used as a gem type held with a prong setting. Its length is 2 inches, and its width is 11.9 mm. There are 13 stones beautifully engraved around the red ruby.

Product Specification:

Product name Dazzling rock Collection Kate Middleton Diana Inspired Gold Diamond & Ruby Engagement Ring
Metal stamp 10k
Metal Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold
Setting Prong
Metal weight 2.62 grams
Gemstone Ruby
Stone weight 1.00 carats
Length 2 inches
Width 11.9 mm
Number of stone 13
Ruby Stone shape Oval
Minimum clarity Highly included
  • Highest quality
  • Classy design
  • Durable
  • Easy to wear
  • Affordable
  • Also available in half sizes
  • Available in different metal types
  • Not adjustable

2. Ruby & Diamond Vintage floral Bridal Set Engagement Rings on White Gold:


JeenJewels design this beautiful Ruby & Diamond Vintage floral Bridal Set Engagement Ring. Their priority is customer satisfaction.

The stunning ruby and diamond wedding package for women is a dream designer gemstone ring. That has been handcrafted and customized to perfection.

This ring is available in sizes ranges from 5 to 9 with half sizes. You can customize this ring in any metal stamp according to your budget and choice.

Even you can also select the metal type. So, you can give this elegant ring to your partner to express your feelings.

Design and Measurement:

This exciting handmade ring is made of 14K white gold with a center Ruby gemstone. The beautiful round cut natural ruby is approximately 6.5mm in size.

Red Ruby is set with a prong setting, and glittering side diamonds make this ring more attractive.

The diamonds used in this ring are SI1 – SI2 quality and G-H color. The total carat weight of diamond and ruby is 1.25 Carat.

Product Specification:

Product name Ruby & Diamond Vintage floral Bridal Set Engagement Rings on White Gold
Metal stamp 10k, 14k, 18k
Metal Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold
Setting Prong
Gemstone Ruby, diamond
Ruby Stone weight 1.25 Carat
Diamond weight 0.25 Carat
Ruby Stone shape Round
  • Highest quality
  • Elegant design
  • Durable
  • Easy to wear
  • Customizable
  • Also available in half sizes
  • Available in different metal types
  • Not adjustable
  • Expensive

3. Amazon Collection Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Emerald-Cut Created Ruby and Diamond Accent Art Deco-Style Ring:


The Amazon collection designed this fashionable and delicate engagement ring. All diamonds featured used in this jewelry are conflict-free. IGI, GIA, or AGS provide certifications on white diamonds.

This Sterling silver and yellow gold Art Deco ring and its natural red properties ruby gemstone define each piece’s odd beauty.

It is available with four different created gemstones. You can select anyone according to your birthstone.

  • Created ruby
  • Blue sapphire
  • Created Emerald
  • Blue topaz

Each gemstone has a different price due to its rarity and properties. You can give this to your special one on any special occasion to feel her special.

Design and Measurement:

This elegant ring is made of 925 Sterling silver and 14k yellow gold with Art Deco and the total weight of metal is 4.1 Grams.

The created ruby is beautifully held at the center of the ring. And the diamond held around the ruby. Created ruby stone weight is 1.94 carats which are clear cut in Emerald shape.

The glamourous and shimmery diamond is cut in a round shape, and its weight is 0.142 carats. Its minimum color is I-J, and clarity is I2-I3.

Product Specification:

Product name Amazon Collection Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Emerald-Cut Created Ruby and Diamond Accent Art Deco-Style Ring


Metal stamp 14k, 925
Metal Yellow gold, sterling silver
Setting Prong
Sterling silver weight 4.1 Grams
Yellow gold weight 0.23 Grams
Gemstone Created Ruby, Diamond
White diamond Stone weight 0.005 cttw
Ruby Stone weight 1.94 carats
Length 0.6 inches
Width 2.5 millimeters
Number of stones 37
Ruby Stone shape Emerald shape
Diamond Stone shape Round shape
  • Highest quality
  • Elegant design
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to wear for daily use
  • Available in different gemstones
  • Not adjustable
  • No resizeable
  • Slightly Expensive

4. Emerald-Cut Lab-Created Ruby Gemstone & Round Sapphire Ladies Engagement Rings:


The dazzling rock design of these lovely red ruby engagement rings. It’s the right choice if you are in search of cultivated varieties of engagement rings.

They have been successfully meeting the demands of their customers all over the world with excellent results.

It is available with five different gemstones:  blue-sapphire, Emerald, pink sapphire, ruby, and white sapphire.

The most experienced jewelers design this ring with great care and attention to detail. A ring that you will be given as a present on your wedding anniversary.

Design and Measurement:

This ring is consists of yellow gold, sapphire, and ruby. The Emerald cut red ruby stone is gracefully held at the ring’s center with a prong setting.

The red ruby is set between the round-cut white sapphires, and its total weight is 1.44 carats.

This ring is available in sizes ranges from 4 to 10 with half sizes. Its width is 0.38 inches. All White Sapphires are non-treated and natural, with a minimum white color and a clarity of I2-I3 Highly Included.

Product Specification:

Product name Emerald-Cut Lab-Created Ruby Gemstone & Round Sapphire Ladies Engagement Rings:


Metal stamp 10k
Metal Yellow gold
Setting Prong
Yellow gold weight 0.23 Grams
Gemstone Ruby, White Sapphires
Total Stone weight 1.44 carats
Ruby Stone weight 1.20 carats
Width 0.38 millimeters
Number of stones 7
Ruby Stone shape Emerald shape
Minimum color of sapphire White
Minimum clarity of sapphire I2-I3
White sapphire Stone shape Round shape
  • Highest quality
  • Attractive design
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to wear for daily use
  • Available in different gemstones
  • Also available in half sizes
  • Affordable
  • Not adjustable
  • No resizeable

5.    Sabrina Silver 14K White Gold Diamond Enhanced Genuine Ruby 2-pc Engagement Ring Set:


The Sabrina Silver brand design this adorable 2 piece engagement ring. Two types of metal are available in this design. The one is in Yellow Gold, and the other one is in white gold.

The center ruby enhances its grace and value. Each metal has its importance, but yellow gold gives royal looks.

Red ruby is Naturally-vibrant and of the superior quality color gemstone. They have a wide range of sizes from 5 to 10, including half sizes.

You can give this ring set as a present to your wife, girlfriend, and partner at any special event to feel her royal.

Design and Measurement:

This beautiful white gold and yellow gold diamond enhanced genuine ruby grace. The ruby is beautifully cut in a cushion cut shape set at the center of the ring.

IT held with a prong setting, and its weight is 2.20 carats. The ruby length is 7mm, and the width is 7mm.

The 14k gold is used with red ruby and white diamonds, and its metal weight is 6.9 Grams. Its width is 8 mm. The shiny round diamond is set on all sides of the ruby, which makes it more classy.

Product Specification:

Product name Sabrina Silver 14K White Gold Diamond Enhanced Genuine Ruby 2-pc Engagement Ring Set



Metal stamp 14k
Metal Yellow gold, white gold
Setting Prong
Metal weight 6.9 Grams
Gemstone Ruby, White diamonds
Total Stone weight 2.20 carats
Stone length 7 mm
Stone Width 7 mm
Number of stones 19
Ruby Stone shape Cushion cut
Minimum clarity of sapphire SI1-SI2
White diamond shape Round shape
  • Highest quality
  • Elegant design
  • Durable
  • Available in different metal type
  • Also available in half sizes
  • Not adjustable
  • No resizeable
  • Expensive

Buying Guide:

There are so many varieties of ruby available on the market. So it is difficult to choose a perfect stone. It is crucial to consider the following points before buying any ruby engagement ring.

  • The most important thing is 4cs of color, carat, cut, and clarity of ruby.
  • Ruby cut in several shapes, so always try to prefer the shape that enhances the stone’s beauty.
  • It is the safest to buy a gem from a reputable seller and shop.
  • Read the customer reviews before buying any product.
  • Make sure your ring comes with a certification of the stones and metal’s consistency. Such as a lab report or gem identification report by a Gemologist accredited by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).
  • If you want a large ruby stone, try to prefer synthetic rubies over naturally occurring rubies because they are less costly.
  • To understand the spectrum of your ruby, look at it under different lighting.

So, firstly you should know the “Meaning of Ruby Gemstone.

The word ruby comes from the Latin word “rubber,” its meaning is RED. This name is assigned because of its rich and vibrant red color.

Vibrant red ruby is July’s birthstone, and it’s the color of love, anger, power, and passion.

Of course, it’s an ideal gift for all women. It gives a royal look. Ruby is a beautiful stone; it gives positive vibes to the wearer.

If you wear a ruby, it will boost your self-confidence, growth in businesses and provide you with strength.

Do you know the Different Types of Ruby Gemstone?

When you are looking to purchase a ruby or a series of rubies. It is essential to obtain all available ruby gemstone details to make the best buying decision possible.

Here is a comprehensive list of the various types and variations of rubies. Here we get the mining area of ruby gemstones from the type name of ruby gemstones.

Ruby Stones By Type:

  • Faceted Ruby:

Faceted ruby is one of the desirable stones because of its deep red color and durability. This stone has the superior cut, hue, and saturation that a top-quality AAA-grade stone should have.

  • Trapiche Ruby:

It is a rare and attractive variety of gemstones. Trapiche Rubies comprises six ruby parts separated by “arms”. That form a set of six-rayed “stars.” Some Trapiche rubies show the star effect, which we have seen in star ruby. They are most unusual and rare.

  • Star Ruby:

The Star Ruby consists of 6 rays of stars that shine over the stone’s surface when it is rotated.  It is silky shine due to its rutile inclusions actually in rough form. It is greasy and dull.

  • Cabochon Ruby:

There are no facets in a cabochon ruby. These rubies are less transparent, rounded, and polished smooth. Usually, these rubies have been used in crowns and jewelry of kings.

Types Based on Country or Region:

  •  The Burmese Ruby:

These are some best quality rubies and are mostly found in Myanmar. These rubies are typically better in quality than rubies from other areas.

They have a darker, more attractive red hue. The darkest and most common shade of red is called “Pigeon Blood.” The most sought-after rubies are often Burmese Rubies.

  • Tanzania Ruby:

These rubies are found in Tanzania are very clear and eye-catching. These rubies are a little darker. However, if you reduce the size of the stone, it will gradually become lighter.

  • Thai Ruby:

These rubies are in a dark hue and of superior quality and usually come from southeast Bangkok. It contains large amounts of chromium and iron present in the stone.

These rubies have a tint of brown and burgundy are sometimes called Siam rubies.

  • Afghanistan’s Ruby Stones:

Since the first century, people have been mining rubies in Afghanistan. In the Badakhshan and Jegdalek regions of Afghanistan, ruby mines can be found.

Afghanistan rubies vary in color from light red to dark red. It giving them a truly unique appearance.

  • African Ruby Gem:

The majority of African rubies are dark red or purplish. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. If you want overall success or even leadership skills, then you can African ruby.

Ruby Vintage Engagement Rings Metal Type:

Before buying any ring, you should know its metal type. Choose the best metal type for Ruby vintage engagement rings. The best metals for ruby are rose gold and yellow gold, but platinum, white gold, and silver can also look stunning.

  • Platinum:

Platinum is a pure white metal that is highly resistant to scratching and can be worn for several years. It’s hypoallergenic by nature so that it won’t irritate your sensitive skin.

  • Gold:

There are few colors available in gold. These are white, green, yellow, and rose gold. It is one of the most commonly used metals in jewelry, with the most common metal stamp 10k, 14k, and 18k. Rose gold looks fantastic on all skin tones, and it represents love. Yellow represents loyalty, while white symbolizes friendship.

  • Silver:

Silver is a lighter metal. It is more easily scratched and damaged. It oxidizes quickly when worn regularly. So it is not the right choice for an engagement ring.

Understanding the Most Seen Inclusions in Ruby:

Here are some standard inclusions we have seen in ruby, so have a look at them.

  • Silk:

In this inclusion, it looks like fine silk fibers are within the stone. The color and transparency of these inclusions are little affected. Some rubies have sleepy clarity due to this. Asterism in star rubies is also caused by silk.

  • Fingerprint:

These inclusions, which are grouped and resemble small human fingerprints. Since these inclusions are so small, they typically do not affect the ruby’s consistency.

  • Crystals:

They resemble small grains or pinpoints. There are more essential inclusions that come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Crystals may be white or black and have a significant effect on the color, visibility, and light performance of rubies.

  • Cavities:

There are voids or gaps in the gemstone’s interior that extend from the top. To fill the holes and fissures with color-infused glass is injected into the cavity. But the large cavities affect the ruby’s structural integrity. But it gives a broken appearance.

  • Color Zoning:

This term refers to alternating color areas or bands in a gemstone. Color zoning may occur due to inclusions, making parts of the ruby appear pink. The gem’s color does not appear to be consistent across its entire body. Color zoning is a common phenomenon that occurs during crystal formation and is most visible in the crystal rough.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is ruby is Precious or Semi-Precious?

Ans: Ruby is considered a precious stone. They are recognized for their rarity, quality, and beauty of their colors.  Rubies are sturdier and more durable than most other gems. Therefore, they constitute the first category.

Q2: How to Find Ruby is Genuine or Real?

Ans: It is difficult to identify the difference between lab-grown rubies and natural rubies since they are designed to look alike. The only way to be sure is to examine the stone’s structure under a microscope. A specialist in the area can perform this. Another thing you should do to stop buying a fake ruby is a request for certification.

Q3: How to Identify the Difference Between Pink Sapphire & Ruby?

Ans: Pink sapphire and ruby are made of the same mineral and belongs to a corundum family. Chemically, they are identical, but the proportion of chromium distinguishes them.

Ruby has a chromium existence of more than 0.9 percent, while Pink Sapphire has a chromium existence is less than 0.5 percent.

If you are unable to determine this percentage, you can request a genuine certificate from the vendor for gemstones.

Q4: What is the Proper Way to Wear Ruby Gemstones?

Ans: There are a few things to consider when explaining how to wear Ruby Gemstone. The ruby gemstone’s weight should range from 3 to 6 carats.

And should be worn on Sunday morning between 5 and 6 a.m. To get the best results, the Ruby stone should be held in either gold or silver.

Q5: What are some of the advantages of wearing Ruby?

Ans: There are many advantages of wearing ruby gemstones, including assisting the wearer with overcoming self-esteem problems. Ruby Gemstone helps the wearer in resolving skin issues.

It also boosts profits and gives good fortune. This stone provides protection and recovery from all types of blood-related problems. The stone can also help with depression.


So, we conclude that all the above mention rings have their unique designs and elegant look. Buying a ruby ring for the love of your life is not a challenging task.

The information in this article will assist you in navigating the vast selection that is out there. You can select any ring for your engagement and wedding ceremony. The red ruby gives your engagement ring a royal look.

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