How to Clean Diamond Earrings

If you wear diamond earrings regularly, you likely know how quickly their appearance can deteriorate over time. Sweat, hair products, hand creams and other oils from wear can build up on the metals and settings of studs and cause them to look worn-down and dirty over time.

Jewelry designers Alison Chemla and Ileana Makri advise cleaning jewelry regularly to keep its appearance at its peak. Cleaning can keep it looking its best!

Dish Soap

To keep your diamond studs sparkling, it is important to keep up a regular cleaning regimen. By following an effective regimen, your diamonds can continue looking as new for years!

Soap and water can quickly remove spots, stains, or general grime from earrings, but may not be strong enough to address tarnish, rust, or buildup issues. For more intense cleaning needs, extra-strength jewelry cleaners may be needed.

Jewelry cleaning solutions come in both glass and plastic jars from Dallas jewelers or high-end stores nearby, and should generally be safe for most types of jewelry; just read the label carefully and follow any instructions provided by it.

Dish soap can also be an effective solution for jewelry cleaning. Simply combine some drops of dish soap with warm water and soak your earrings. After about 10 minutes, simply rinse them off and wipe dry them using a soft cloth.

Baking soda can also be an effective method for cleaning diamond earrings, eliminating dirt, tarnish and odors while remaining gentle to their surfaces. Just be wary not to overdo it as doing so could potentially damage them!

Granulated baking soda works best when mixed with water to form a paste and can also help remove wax or other adhesives from diamond earrings.

Rubbing alcohol can also be used as an effective solution for cleaning diamond earrings, provided you use liquid rather than spray solutions and apply the solution in small, even strokes. Rinse well to eliminate any residue left from application before buffing dry with either microfiber cloth or paper towel.

Combine baking soda and ammonia for effective cleaning of earrings. Ammonia acts as an excellent cleaner that will effectively get rid of stubborn dirt from your earrings.

If you prefer taking your earrings into a professional jeweler for cleaning, be sure to ask about how often they should be cleaned as well as seek advice from an expert. Most experts advise having your earrings professionally cleaned at least once every week in order to keep them looking their best and prevent dulling over time.


If you own diamond jewelry, then it is essential to regularly clean it in order to extend its beauty and lifespan. Regular cleaning will keep your diamonds sparkling while making their lifespan longer.

Cleaning solutions come in various forms, but you must use anything which might harm your precious jewelry. Avoid chlorine bleach or chemical cleaners which could cause it to tarnish as this could also harm the metals of the piece you own.

Do not use abrasive cleaners on your jewelry as this could scratch its surfaces (gold, platinum and silver) as well as dull the brilliance of diamonds.

Cleaning diamond earrings is easy with mild dish soap and water, or by purchasing an appropriate cleaning solution from a jewelry store. Just make sure it is safe for diamonds by following its instructions carefully!

Ammonia can be an effective cleaner to help remove dirt from diamond earrings, however it should only be used if your jewelry is truly filthy and regular cleaning methods (lukewarm water and dish soap) have failed to do their job.

In order to successfully clean diamond earrings with ammonia, you’ll first need to soak them for approximately 30 minutes in a mixture of water and ammonia before gently brushing with a soft toothbrush to remove any dirt that has accumulated on or within their metal settings or on the diamond itself.

Once finished with your scrub, rinse the earrings thoroughly in warm water before leaving them to air dry before reputting on.

Cleaning diamond earrings with baking soda can also be accomplished easily. Mix a cup of hot water with about one or two teaspoons of baking soda and place your jewelry for several minutes in this mixture before placing the jewelry back on its original spot.

Once the baking soda has been rinsed away from your earrings, gently pat them dry with a lint free cloth or use a blow dryer if you want your earrings completely dried out.

Baking Soda

If your diamond earrings have become discolored, baking soda and vinegar are an easy solution for restoring them back to their original luster. Plus, this natural cleaning agent may even help eliminate unpleasant odors!

Baking soda is an indispensable kitchen ingredient, commonly found in most households and often found in baking mixes. Not only is it great for baking purposes, but baking soda also excels at cleaning jewelry and other objects of hard-to-remove deposits from them.

Baking soda, commonly referred to by its chemical name sodium bicarbonate, acts as a leavening agent by reacting with moisture and acidic ingredients such as fruit juice to generate tiny pockets of carbon dioxide gas that produce light, fluffy textures in baked goods such as cakes and cookies.

Baking soda can also be used to create homemade laundry detergent, toothpaste and deodorizers at home. However, it should be noted that baking soda should never be taken internally or topically without seeking medical advice first.

Baking soda is widely recognized for its leavening capabilities and also known for its odor-neutralizing capabilities, making it popular in personal hygiene products designed to combat bacteria or germs. Baking soda may even help soothe sunburned skin!

To remove baking soda from diamond earrings, there are a few different approaches you can take: first soaking them for 10 minutes in a solution of water and baking soda before rinsing off; or immersing them in either rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and then rinsing off afterwards.

Both methods of cleaning will safely eliminate build-up of oils, dirt and debris on your diamond rings. Just remember not to oversoak the rings as this could damage them and their protective coating, potentially rendering the rings permanently unprotected against further wear and tear.

After cleaning your diamond rings, ensure they are dried thoroughly after each cleaning session. Otherwise, they could become more vulnerable to scratches and wear and tear damage over time.

There are various options for cleaning diamonds and their settings, including soap, baking soda and Windex. If necessary, speak to your jeweler about obtaining an effective cleaning solution designed to remove oil and residue from your diamonds.

Though these cleaners may be effective, they should not be relied upon for all diamond jewelry cleaning needs. If your diamonds are particularly delicate, professional jeweler services might be required for the task of deep cleaning them properly.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Dirt and germ buildup on diamond earrings is often the main issue people encounter, leading to skin irritations, infections and allergies – which is why it’s crucial that your earrings are cleaned as soon as you realize they have become dirty.

Before beginning to clean your earrings, the first step should be a thorough washing with warm water. This will remove any dirt, bacteria or makeup build-up on their metal surfaces as well as sweat or makeup that has accumulated there.

As another method to clean earrings is soaking them in hydrogen peroxide solution, another way of disinfecting jewelry would be soaking it in an antiseptic solution such as peroxide solution to eliminate grime and oil build-up on diamond earrings. Besides being effective, peroxide will also leave behind no trace in terms of base metal toxicity for durability over time.

Clean your earrings using a solution of warm water and dish soap for an effective method. This technique works particularly well on costume-style plastic earrings as it will soften any build-up of greasy residue that has settled there.

This method can also help bring back the sparkle in jewelry that has become dull or worn over time – and quickly! It is a very straightforward solution!

For even deeper cleaning, a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol may provide more thorough results than baking soda and ammonia methods alone. Plus, it will be less harsh on your ears!

If none of these solutions are readily available, cotton pads can also be used to wipe down earrings – just make sure they’re thoroughly rinsed afterwards with hot water!

While this method will get your earrings clean, it may not be as efficient. Instead, try soaking them in hot water to kill germs and loosen any remaining dirt particles.

If any of these methods don’t suit your preferences, another great solution would be taking your earrings to a jeweler for professional cleaning services. This option may also save time and hassle compared to doing it on your own at home.

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