How to Shorten a Necklace

An oversized necklace can make any outfit appear incomplete; luckily, there are some simple jewelry-making techniques you can employ to shorten its chain and improve its fit.

Step one in keeping your necklace looking its best is cleaning it thoroughly. Soaking in soapy water or using a toothbrush are effective means of doing this.

If your necklace is too long to comfortably wear or you simply wish to save some money, shortening it could be the answer. There are various methods you can employ – from recycling old jewelry pieces or using chain necklace shorteners – which could work.

Removing links is often the fastest and least expensive way to shorten a necklace, taking only approximately 20 minutes and often being more cost-effective than going directly to a jeweler.

With small pliers, you can remove one or more links of a necklace by gripping them firmly to avoid breaking them or the chain. Once done, use another set of small pliers to reattach all your necklace links – and enjoy your shorter necklace!

Put a paperclip through one of the links for an effective and straightforward method of shortening any necklace. This method works especially well when dealing with chains with wide gaps between links such as curb chains or Figaro chains.

This method works well for most necklaces, though it should not be applied to chains with tight links such as rope or herringbone chains.

It’s truly impressive that this method requires no expenditure; in fact, you may even receive a free link remover at a local jewelry store! This useful tool helps remove links from watches or jewelry without damaging it and you can reuse this handy device after use if you wish! Ultimately though, what matters most here is making sure you do everything correctly while carefully following instructions given.

Remove the Clasp

Attempts at shortening a necklace can take various forms. Chain shorteners provide one solution; these small double-sided lobster clasps can be hooked onto either end of a chain necklace via links and used to shorten it by one link at a time. Another approach would be using an infinity clip as it offers even easier ways of shortening necklaces.

An uncooperative necklace clasp can be an irritation. There is an array of clasp styles and designs available to meet your needs – from magnetic ones that are easy to use, to more complex ones with various holding strengths and designs.

There are various solutions for clasps that have become stuck or won’t stay shut, beginning with finding out why they have become stuck.

Hair fluff or other foreign matter often causes clasps to become stuck, and you should use a safety pin to gently and carefully sweep out this material from inside the clasp using multiple sweeps of a safety pin.

Next, try repurposing an orphan earring stud to shorten your necklace. This option can be particularly useful if you don’t plan on wearing the piece anytime soon and/or don’t have any additional earrings available to repurpose.

However, this method may cause damage to thin chains with no gaps between links; in such instances it is recommended that you opt for clasps with larger gaps between each link, such as curb or figaro chains.

Another possible explanation for why your clasp has become stuck may be its breakage or damage, such as when exposed to water, chemicals, or extreme temperature changes. When this occurs it’s best to visit a jeweler as they will likely offer repairs that shorten and repair necklaces/bracelets for you at reasonable fees.

Repurpose an Orphaned Earring Stud

If your necklace is too long to fit around your neckline, repurposing an orphan earring stud from an older necklace could be the solution! Simply slip the earring through its chain and turn it right-side-up!

If you enjoy wearing fashion with an eclectic and eye-catching flair, chances are you have some orphan earrings lying around that could be upcycled into creative projects. Try crafting a lovely jewelry box adorned with broken earring pieces as Crafty Grammy did here or create two upcycled costume jewelry rings using this brilliant tutorial from Running With Sisters instead!

Another great way to repurpose old orphan earring studs is turning them into bookmarks. This project is simple and will add a decorative touch to your book or paper. All that is necessary for this is a mateless earring, some ribbon clamps, and flat-nose jewelry pliers.

Begin by cutting a strip of ribbon roughly as wide as your earring stud is long, which will allow you to clamp it onto its base and secure it using jump rings. Attach your earring stud using another jump ring at its end; trim as necessary in order to center the stud on it.

For more creative upcycling ideas, check out our other tutorials. Donate any unwanted or broken earrings to a local charity or friend who needs them; alternatively you could even recycle jewelry into bracelets for children in need.

Infinity Clip

Shortening a necklace may seem daunting, but with the proper tools and some expert knowledge it shouldn’t be such an arduous process. Knowing which techniques work and which to avoid can make shortening easier than you ever imagined!

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