What Are Invisible Set Diamond Rings | Complete Guide

What Are Invisible Set Diamond Rings | Complete Guide

We are all familiar with the prong settings of diamonds, which are seen in numbers. But what about an invisible setting? How are diamonds fixed in an invisible setting? Should we purchase the diamond rings with unseen mounting?

From the invisible set diamond ring, we all understand that the mount in which the diamond is mounting can be seen from all sides thoroughly.

The hidden fixture gives a fragile look that is attractive and unique.

At a Glance:

Appearance & Value of Invisible Setting Diamond Ring:

The only significant value of this setting ring is that a real diamond can be seen with eyes. Many stones are set close to the same level but look like only a single diamond.

The cluster setting is familiar with the invisible mount. The price of one large diamond is more than the tiny, equally carat weight.


So the appearance and value of diamonds with this setting are excellent. In this setting, many tiny small diamonds create an extensive diamond look. That is more budget-friendly.

Do you know the invisible setting ring designs?

Firstly, you should know the unseeable mounting ring designs before buying any ring.  Unseeable mount diamond engagement rings make your engagement ring more pretty and elegant.

This fixture style is also suitable for men and wedding bands because of its neutral nature.

So here are some unseeable mounting designs, have a look at them:

Halo Invisible Setting

Every bride wants her engagement ring should be special and unique. A hidden fixture halo design gives an impressive detail that elevates the circle to new heights. You may not be able to see the halo, but it stands out from every perspective and draws attention to the center precious stone. It makes the center stone appear 15% larger.

Accent Stones

This unseeable mounting accent stone is a beautiful choice for the bride who wants cultured lines and sparkles. The unseeable fixture technique is an excellent tool for mounting these accent stones, which add a touch of diamond sparkle to less flashy-colored gemstones.

Vintage Style

A vintage engagement ring in a hidden mount gives a new round-styled look like a hoop from an older era. And this style features a much invisible set diamond ring in a rustic gold fixture for an unflashy yet stylish look. A hidden set diamond hoop in vintage style is a symbol of love and affection.

Geometric Design

Square styles are the most common because they are the easiest to produce than other geometric shapes with an invisible set diamond ring. And this Halo hidden mounting is used with these shapes around a circular center stone. It creates an exciting look. Hexagonal and octagonal patterns offer a unique geometry for the engagement band.

Unique Designs

The hidden setting gives a bold and daring look to a band. Unlike pave and channel mounting, which has a softer look, the remote mount has a powerful and confident appearance, making it perfect for unique styles.

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Invisible Setting Impacts on Price:

As we know, that unseeable setting is like a cluster mount. It brings together several uniform small diamonds to provide the impression of a single large one.

One single large stone is more expensive than a small stone in the set.

On the other hand, this mounting requires more time and effort to build, increasing the ring’s price. They are challenging to produce, which can reflect in the price.

Rings with the Invisible Setting you must Love to Buy:

We have collected some of the unique ring collections from the Amazon collections that you must love to see and have excellent manufacturing quality.

All these rings are worth buying for the wedding, engagement, or as an anniversary gift.

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Invisible Set Diamond Ring Pros and Cons:

If you’re considering buying a hidden fixture, then you need to know the following inherent pros and cons of an unseeable institution.


  • Invisible settings are more affordable based on a diamond’s total carat weight.
  • It is challenging to clean other settings because it is too hard to reach areas; however, this fixture is easy to maintain.
  • The unseeable setting is also ideal for men and women to create unique ring designs.


  • It is difficult and quite complicated to repair the hoop if damaged or broken. It would help if you bought it from an expert and experienced jeweler that repairs it quickly.
  • If the metal structure is destroyed, it can create issues with the diamonds’ alignment and overall mounting. If this issue occurs, returning the disc to the initial maker will be the safest choice.
  • As the diamonds in an unseeable setting have grooves cut into them, their value decreases, which may be a concern if you intend to resell the diamonds in the future.
  • It is difficult and tricky to resize a hidden setting. But it depends on the round. If the diamonds cover a large portion of the ring, resizing it would be difficult and can damage the metal structure underneath. But the band will be relatively easy to resize if this mounting only applies to a solitaire-like part of the ring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: From where can we fix the invisible settings?

Ans: Re-fix, the stone in this fixture, is quite tricky. The jewelers who have expert skills can be fixed near microscope rails. If the rails are broken, they repair and ensure that the stone is specified in the settings. The thin channels of the stone customized according to the stone’s size have been examined deeply.

Q2: How do invisible set diamonds look?

Ans: In the invisible set diamond ring, the diamond is fixed by a trail but looks like it is held by nothing. Many mountings like Prong, Beads, Channels, and bezels hold the diamond by overlapping metal. But in unseeable settings, the diamond is virtually fixed on metal and gives a glorious look.

Q3: Settings? What does it mean in jewelry?

Ans: A stone is fixed on the metal of the rings in many ways.  That holds the diamond on jewelry and enhances the beauty of the round. There are many settings, and each has its beauty. Micro, Prong, Pave, Channel, Pressure, Illusion, and Invisible settings.

Q4: Is it worth buying an invisible set diamond ring for engagement?

Ans: If you are looking for a unique ring, this ring is right. But if you do any robust activity, then this setting halo is not worth buying because the diamond is loose easily and may fall out of the band. Must check the stone even before buying. Suppose the gravel is loose in setting look another loop which has tight fixed stone.

Q5: It would be easy to repair the invisible setting?

Ans: No, the repairing of the setting is not easy. If the rails of metals are loose, they can’t fix quickly. On this hidden mount, only a custom-size stone is set. The jeweler carefully put the stone in rails and press enough that it fit the stone.


We have concluded that this hidden mounting setting creates a different and elegant look. But then you must make sure about the fixture that it perfectly fits the stone or not. Use these unseen mounting rings with care because if you lose the stone from the mount, it can’t be fixed easily.

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