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Are you an Opal ring lover And looking for Opal as your wedding ring? For quite some time, Opal has been seen to be a powerful mystical gemstone.

Opal is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a unique ring.

As we know that Diamond is a durable and elegant gemstone, you may find two stones that look alike, but you do not find two opal look alike.

They are unique and beautiful, although they are sensitive as compared to other gemstones.

In the 19th century,  Opal came with vintage and antique settings. But it does not mean that is the only way to wear an opal ring with vintage and antique settings.

The designer assembles a series of stunning creations for these gemstones adding a gold setting with a diamond set directly above it.

Opal is a substitute for diamond. It is the most precious and influential of all because it has the colors of other gems. So, this gem is known as bestowed with beauty, strength, and financial respect.

It improves six senses, in winning case, good for business, import and export and helps to give life stability.

Opal is known to bring bad luck to the wearer if it was not their birthstone. It’s a beautiful gem for October.

If opal gemstone wore in silver, then it increases strength to Venus and gives worldly pleasure.

The wearer gets wealth, fame, prosperity, respect, and children. I think it is the most difficult decision to choose the perfect ring from a wide variety.

We will provide you a list of some stunning opal wedding rings with different gemstones; wear them for your good health and fortune, so have a look at them.

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List of Best Opal Wedding Rings:

1. Carleen created white fire Opal and Cubic Zirconia halo wedding/engagement ring:


The Carleen Jewelry company is headquartered situated in Manhattan, New York. The motive of Carleen jewelers is to design jewelry that is affordable, unique, and lovely.

This stunning White Gold Plated, 925 Sterling Silver, Created White Fire Opal and Cubic Zirconia Halo Ring is perfect for all occasions.

You can give it to your mom, mother-in-law, wife, daughter, aunt, best friend, grandmother, sister.

It is the best opal ring gift for a birthday, valentine’s day, engagement, promise day, wedding, anniversary day, Christmas, and other romantic surprises.

This ring passed the Swiss SGS Inspection Standard

Design and Measurement:

These opal wedding rings are a great and ideal gift for engagement and wedding. 14k white gold is used in it and 925 pure sterling silver.

This ring’s gem type is created fire opal and vibrant CZ cubic zirconia stones with a prong setting. Available in six different sizes.

Product Specification:

Product name Carleen created white fire Opal and Cubic Zirconia halo engagement ring
Metal stamp 14k and 925 Sterling silver
Metal Sterling silver
Setting prong
Gemstone Created Opal,  Zirconia
Material Gemstone, metal
Stone shape Cushion cut
Cut Excellent cut
  • Elegant design
  • Customizing size
  • Comfortable wear
  • Nickel-free
  • Affordable
  • Not Adjustable

2. Created Black Opal Cocktail Ring Sterling Silver:


Peoria manufactures these beautiful black opal wedding rings. They created fire black Opal wedding rings which are an oval shape with a smooth Cabochon top.

The ring’s surface is carved with mathematical precision that enhances the color and beauty of the stone.

From traditional to modern designs, people never forget its value; to envoke beauty, they create modern trending designs that the spirit of their extraordinary efforts.

The stone is cut by hand by skilled artisans. They deliver fine quality with a combination of modern and traditional techniques.

Peoria uses fine quality sterling silver with 14k gold metals; the fine finishing and hand polish give a luxurious look.

The metal is nickel-free and hypoallergenic that is entirely safe for sensitive skin, and never leaves a blue mark. The ring stamp ensures the quality and purity of the metal.

The stone’s cut is extraordinary brilliance—every amount of angel precision with mathematic cutters layers, the dance of light reflects from the stone.  The exquisite gemstone can elevate on special occasions with memories. It comes with one monthly money-back guarantee

Design and Measurement:

It is an exclusive craftsmanship and styling cocktail ring. This ring contains 925 sterling silver.

Created Opal and cubic zirconia gems are used in this ring, and The total gem weight is 1.25 carat. Its height is 1 inch, width is 0.75 inches.

The small 57 shiny stones are beautifully held in this ring with a prong setting. The total weight of the metal is 3.6 grams.

The black oval shape opal is cut in very precisely. The length of the stone is 10mm, and the width of the stone is 8mm. It is available in a range of sizes from 6 to 9.

Product Specification:

Product name Created Black Opal Cocktail Ring Sterling Silver
Metal stamp 925 Sterling silver
Metal Sterling silver
Setting prong
Gemstone Created Opal,  Cubic Zirconia
Material Created Opal, Sterling silver
Height 1 inch
Width 0.75 inches
Total metal weight 3.6 grams
Stone Weight 1.25 carats
Stone shape Oval
Stone length 10mm
Stone width 8mm
Stone treatment method Heat-treated
Stone creation method Synthetic
  • Elegant design
  • Customizing size
  • Made for comfort
  • Nickel-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Affordable
  • Not Adjustable

3. 10K White Gold Natural Opal & Amethyst Sides Ring 3-Stone Oval Diamond Accent:


Silver City jewelry design this elegant ring which is made of solid 10K white gold set with all-natural gemstones and accented with genuine and brilliant-cut diamonds.

Amethyst is the most popular purple gemstone which is used as facet stone in opal wedding rings.

It symbolizes love and spirituality to supernatural protection. And the gorgeous and stunning handcrafted diamond that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

You can give these opal oval diamond accent opal wedding rings to your loved ones. You can set the customized placement of gemstones from the left to the right. These opal wedding rings are available in sizes ranges from 5 to 10 with half sizes.

Design and Measurement:

The stunning three-stone ring is crafted from solid gold, shiny gemstones, and diamonds. Natural Opal, amethyst, and white diamonds are used in this opal wedding ring.

The gemstones’ total weight is 2.58 carats, and 11 stone is beautifully fitted with a prong setting. The total metal weight is 3.87 grams.

The stone weight is 0.46 carats. It is beautifully cut in oval-shaped, and its length is 7mm, and its width is 5mm. Both stones are created with the natural method.

Product Specification:

Product name 10K White Gold Natural Opal & Amethyst Sides Ring 3-Stone Oval Diamond Accent
Metal stamp 10k
Metal White Gold
Setting prong
Gemstone Opal, amethyst, white diamond
Material Gold
Width 7mm
Total metal weight 3.87 grams
Stone Weight 0.46 carats
Stone shape Oval
Stone length 7mm
Stone width 5mm
Stone treatment method Not-treated
Stone creation method Natural
  • Stunning design
  • Customizing size
  • Easy to wear
  • Nickel-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Affordable
  • Not Adjustable

4. Tapered Shank Oval Opal Wedding Rings with Trio Diamond Accent:


The Tapered shank oval ring comes in a variety of colors and elegant design. I am damn sure that you will love these certified opal wedding rings that come in different sizes.

This ring is available in sizes ranges from 5 to 10 with half measures. The gleaming tapered shank style adds to the beauty of this oval opal ring.

The stunning opal wedding rings are available in four different metal types.

  • Platinum
  • Rose gold
  • White gold
  • Yellow gold

Each metal has its beauty. You can wear any of these metals according to your choice. Even you can wear these opal wedding rings on any special occasion like a party, wedding, engagement ceremony, etc.

You can give it to your loved ones, friends, sister, mother, wife, etc. The glint of the diamond makes the edges stunning and enhances its magical glamour.

Design and Measurement:

Angara brand design these elegant 950 platinum oval opal wedding rings. The Opal is engraved in a platinum prong setting with glimmering diamonds, which enhances its beauty.

Total gems weight is 0.80 carats, and total carats weight is 0.11 carats. Its minimum color is Rich Luster, and its clarity is High Iridescence with 8mm width and 21mm length.

Product Specification:

Product name Tapered Shank Oval Opal Ring with Trio Diamond Accent
Metal stamp 950
Metal Platinum
Setting prong
Gemstone Opal, diamond
Length 12mm
Width 8mm
Number of stones 7
Stone Weight 0.80 carats
Stone shape Oval Opal, round diamond
Opal color Rich Luster
Opal clarity High Iridescence
Stone treatment method Not-treated
Stone creation method Natural
  • Unique design
  • Different metal type
  • Easy to wear
  • Customizing size
  • Not Adjustable
  • Expensive

5. Peora Created White Opal Wedding Rings:



The peora brand created the jewelry with quality assurance and satisfactory authenticity. They provide superior quality with long-lasting features.

The quality of opal cutting is hand-made by professionals; they enhance the beauty and brilliance of the stone and increase its color quality.

Although it is a little stone, these opal wedding rings have the worth and most precious gift to give to any lady for the wedding event.

Its design and perfection encourage to wear on the party and any occasion.

Opal stone sparks when the sunlight reflects because it has a bright white color.

It is very comfortable in wearing and can be wear for a long time. Those who have sensitive skin can also use these opal wedding rings without ay fear. It can not harm and don’t leave a blue mark on the finger.

Design and Measurements:

in the ventage, halo design cubic zirconias are about 73 in numbers that enhance their worth. 7mm round shape ring has the center stone engraved white Opal that create a sophisticated design.

The weight of the opal stone is about 1.25 carats, and the ring is available in different sizes,

Product Specification:

Product name Zhiwen opal jewelry pink moonstone
Metal stamp 0.925
Metal Sterling silver
Setting Prong
Gemstone Created Opal
Length 0.88 inches
Width 0.38 inches
Number of stones 73
Stone Weight 1.25 carats
Stone shape Round
Opal color White
Opal clarity SI1-SI2
Stone treatment method Heat-treated
Stone creation method Synthetic
  • Available in five sizes
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to wear
  • No resizeable

6. Barzel White fire Opal Accents Ring:


The Barzel design this elegant, sleek design ring for you that illuminates your hand’s look, and the dazzling decorated ring can be worn daily.

Cubic zirconia accents are engraved along the fire radiant white Opal, and this unique design ring has eye-catching, durable material that can be worn on any occasion.

White fire opal wedding rings can be gifted at wedding, anniversary, and party, and you can purpose with it to you girl and make a little promise with her.

The ring has five different colors of metals with different color opal engraved on it. The ring has a guarantee of its original color and content.

Design and Measurements:

the five other invention and colors with fire opal are described below:

  • White Gold Larimar
  • Black Rhodium Fire-Opal
  • White Gold Fire opal
  • Rose Gold Fire opal
  • White gold ruby

Each ring has 10mm with the metals mentioned above with Opal, Ruby, and larimar. Different sizes of circles are available, starting from 5 to 10.

Product Specification:

Product name Barzel White fire Opal Accents Ring
Metal stamp 925 sterling
Metal Rose gold plated brass
Setting Bezel
Gemstone Fire opal created larimar created
Length 10mmL
Width 2.5mm
Number of stones 1
Stone Weight 1.25
Stone shape Oval cut
Opal color White blue hue
  • 30 days guarantee
  • Modern design
  • flashy
  • expensive

7. Espere sterling silver Halo opal Stacking ring:


The espere always design the jewelry that leaves an impact on women; they feel confident and empowered. The perfect way of mixing and matching the metals with stones and design make a difference.

They design jewelry at reasonable prices, with distinct quality and unique style.

Wearing Halo opal wedding rings reflects your beauty and increases the confidence level, even you can wear it at a wedding. Artisans make handcraft jewelry by noted every measurement.

With14k gold ring with a fairy white Opal, you can celebrate your special day, and it can be a gift at the wedding. The delicate and versatile design ring increases its worth.

Thirty days money-back guarantee will satisfy the customer.

Design and Measurements:

sterling silver metal with 18k gold plated material has six shining cubic zirconia stone on the center stone of smooth opal stone with a width of 4mm.

The circle is around  1.2mm wide with different ring sizes from 6 to 8. The detail of three different colors of metals are following:

  • Pink Opal with 18k gold plating
  • White Opal with 18k yellow gold plating
  • Blue Opal with white gold plating

Product Specification:

Product name espere sterling silver Halo opal Stacking ring
Metal stamp Sterling silver
Metal Rhodium-plated brass
Setting Halo
Gemstone Opal, cubic zirconia
Length 0.87 inches
Width 0.2 inches
Number of stones 6
Stone Weight 0.87 oz
Stone shape Oval
Opal color Pink, white, blue
  • Different metal plating available
  • Extensive design
  • Nickel-free
  • Not adjustable size

8. Moahhally half-round opal ring with zirconia:


Cubic zirconia accents ring has two different elegant round designs. Luxury brands design the ring with a too high-quality ring with a money-back guarantee.

This ring is a promise ring used to give on engagements, birthdays, or anniversary gifts to your loved one.

Copper has nickel-free material and has 14k gold plated and silver plated on it. The two different design of the rings that enhance its beauty and make it unique from others.

Design and Measurements:

half round opal has five cubic zirconias along with five pink Opal on rose gold metal. The leaf opal has a beautiful cut design of leaf shape with 4 cubic zirconia along on center with white zirconia on silver plating. Both rings have elegant designs with opal stones in different sizes from 7 to 9.

Product Specification:

Product name Moahhally half-round opal ring with zirconia
Metal stamp Copper
Metal Copper
weight 0.246 oz
Gemstone Opal
color Half-round opal ring, rose gold
Number of stones 5
  • Two different design
  • Low in price
  • No resizeable

Buying Guide:

Before buying any opal engagement/wedding ring. You should take into account the following factors. Some of these are:

  • You should know the type, size, color, pattern, and brilliance of Opal
  • Always try to choose the perfect setting. Most people prefer a traditional claw(prong) settings, but a bezel or even half-bezel setting is more protective as compared to a prong setting
  • A high cabochon makes an engagement/wedding ring more vulnerable, so be aware of it. So we recommend you choose a medium or low cabochon
  • Always try to choose a ring that suits her style and of perfect size.
  • Choose the perfect metal for your opal wedding ring.
  • Inlaid gemstones do not have a healthy prong setting, and there are more chances of stone damage.

Firstly, you should know “What is an opal?”

Opal is one of the world’s most popular and incredibly unique gemstones known for its display of flashing colors called play-of-color. It consists of 30 percent of water, and widely varied colors make it visually stunning and elegant.

Opal Types and Value:

You should have the information to make the right choice when buying an opal wedding ring. Even you can buy more affordable opal wedding rings than a diamond, ruby, sapphire, etc for your wedding. You can get the largest stone size for the same carat weight, which is lower specific gravity or density than all these other gems. Here is the list of most popular choices for opal wedding rings.

    • Black Opals:

Black Opal has a dark body color, often dark blue and dark green body color. Because of their dark body color, the rainbow colors in a black opal are more noticeable, far better than lighter opals. Black Opal has more colors and brightness, but they are high priced. You can buy a 1-3 carat black opal ring within a few thousand dollars.

  • Crystal Opals:

Crystal opal is the second most valuable Opal, which is transparent to semi-transparent. These opals can display any color of the hue cycle in a beautiful play of color.

They are usually affordable can range from a few hundred to something in the low thousands of dollars

    • White Opals:

White Opal tends towards transparency and milky white, gray, or pale yellow bodycolor. Since ancient times, this stone has been valued; it’s useful for improving unstable luck, negativity into positivity. You can buy a decent quality white opal within a few hundred dollars.

  • Jelly Opals:

Jelly Opal is a transparent precious opal that is also known as water opal. these Opals are like crystal opals, but it is a little bit faint, so you can easily see it through the Opal.

You don’t worry about spending extra money buying a jelly opal ring than black Opal or crystal opal.

  • Fire opal:

Fire opal has a background color of red, orange, and yellow. Fairy red and red-orange hue created a most valuable and pleasing color that has no milkiness.

If the Opal has milkiness on it, that is a bad sign which means the Opal is dry out, and soon it will crack.

A Different Setting for Opal Stone:

Opal is cut into different shapes and can be set in various settings.

Prong setting:

The cabochon cut is usually set with a prong because a prong-setting stone is viewable from all angles.

Bezel setting:

In a bezel setting, the stone is wrapped around the metal that gives more excellent protection to the stone from chipping.

Open back setting:

The open back setting of Opal is not reliable because it can damage the stone. The stone can be the influence on the cloths.

Closed-back setting:

The closed-back set affects the Opal color; sometimes, with the white gold setting, it has a calmer tone, and with rose and yellow gold setting, it appears in a warmer look. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions of Customers & their Answers:

Q1: How to find the difference between precious Opal and common Opal for a wedding ring?

If the Opal spheres are uniform in size and shape and assemble, they will disperse light. These stones are called precious Opal, while the shape, size, and arrangement are random.

Then we call these common stones Opal.

Q2: How to identify lab-created or synthetic opals in rings?

Ans: Lab-grown opals are almost real opals; they are created in the laboratory instead of underground. You can identify the synthetic opals by their display of color.

Usually found in mosaic patterns with high magnification with transmitted light.

Q3: Why should we choose an opal as in ring?

Ans: Opal is eccentric and very sustainable to use in replace of a diamond. It comes in different colors with a variety of cuts that make it unique and beautiful.

Choosing an opal ring makes your event more memorable, and its unique qualities make your partner happy.

Q4: What is worth buying, an opal or a diamond?

Ans: diamond has its value, but Opal is more rear than diamond, Opal is in less number in high quality, but the exciting thing is that it is available at a great price compared to diamond.

Some rare opal has exceeded the price per carat as the diamond. We can not neglect the value of an opal.

Q5: Why is Opal less in price than a diamond?

Ans: The color, pattern, thickness, brilliance, and other essential features like quality, size, cut, and polish all these factors affect the price of an opal. Relatively Opal is cheap, but rarer opal stone has slightly increased the cost.


So here, we have concluded that all the opal types are rear and have a distinct value, although Opal has less price than diamonds but has high quality and demand.

Opal stone has beautiful cutting, color, design, and excellent features and signs of good luck. You can get the best deals on lass Jewelry.

Although all opals have importance, If you are looking for opal wedding rings with the best and reasonable price, then the black opal cocktail ring has its significance and worth.

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