Top 10 Words to Put on Bracelets

Installing bracelets alone can be time consuming and tricky, particularly when done on your own. But thanks to In The Know’s Lisa Azcona’s innovative hack, no longer will this be a source of frustration!

She says the process can be as easy as using a hairpin or paper clip to secure your bracelet, then hooking its clasps around your wrist to complete it.

1. Love

Love is an intense emotion that drives our lives forward. It helps us feel compassion, care, and sacrifice for those we cherish most in life.

Strength, faith and hope can also come from within; for instance it may inspire us to live life to its fullest and be open to new opportunities.

Love can take many forms; long-term relationships often benefit from this type of love where there is mutual affection, commitment, and shared experiences. But sometimes this kind of passion may also come quickly or briefly during times of hardship or change.

One way of showing someone you care is by placing a phrase or quote from a book or poem onto their bracelet that expresses how you feel about them.

2. Commitment

Commitment is a strong word that connotes seriousness of purpose, sincerity of decision and unwavering dedication toward fulfilling it. Furthermore, commitment requires sacrifice.

Committing to someone shows your affection and is an easy way to show that special someone that you care. A commitment can take any form, from buying them a coffee or jewelry tokening your love – even something as small as buying something small like that can make all the difference.

People often make commitments to achieve specific goals or establish new habits, and when they do it often gives them confidence and motivates them to keep working toward their goal.

Commitment can also help motivate yourself when facing hardship. While sticking to your plan when life gets hard may not always be easy, having the strength and determination to follow it through could pay dividends in the end – having courage behind your plans means success at everything that comes your way!

3. Hope

Hope is an empowering emotion that allows us to overcome life’s obstacles. It involves setting goals and setting plans to reach them; plus agency (willpower), which involves staying motivated and determined towards accomplishing them.

Emblazing hope onto a bracelet can serve as a powerful reminder that things will get better and to maintain an optimistic perspective even during times when everything seems daunting and unfair. Wearing it daily may give you strength when times get tough.

This bracelet is handcrafted using soft green Burma Jade that has long been considered a symbol of hope and will donate 25% of the net proceeds from this purchase to The Stork Foundation – an organization providing financial assistance for low resource individuals seeking fertility treatments.

4. Strength

Strength is a quality that allows individuals to overcome challenges and persevere against setbacks, both physical and mental. Strength can generally be divided into two broad categories: physical and mental.

Both types of strength are integral components of human beings and can be developed in various ways – for instance physical strength may be gained through exercises or weight training.

Mental strength can be attained through emotional, social, and academic development in children. By encouraging them to openly express their emotions and thoughts they will gain the strength necessary for future development.

Placing these words on a bracelet is an ideal way to remind yourself of your power, resilience and strength as you navigate life’s challenges – as well as pass along that strength to others!

5. Courage

Courage is often associated with acts of heroism, but it can also be nurtured as a trait that can be developed. Being courageous means making conscious decisions to act even when risks are high and taking necessary risks to act on these decisions.

Utilizing this concept in the workplace can be immensely useful when facing difficult situations. It helps leaders stick to their principles, stay focused on their goals, and manage their emotions as they deal with resistance or setbacks along the way.

Placing words of courage on a bracelet can be an emotional and thoughtful gesture, showing your support to an individual or family who are going through tough times. Conversely, wristbands with this message can also help promote community unity.

6. Faith

Faith can be an incredible way to express your trust and reliance in God and His love. The Bible makes frequent mention of faith as an integral component of Christianity.

Add this bracelet to your collection as a fun and meaningful way to demonstrate your faith! Easy to wear and featuring “Faith” text on one side.

Prayer can be an incredible way to connect with God and find strength during difficult times. Many religions feature prayers that remind followers to rely on their faith – it can even be used as an avenue to share it with others!

7. Dreams

Dreams are thoughts, images and sensations that occur while sleeping. While no one fully understands why dreams occur, some theories suggest they could be autobiographical and help us deal with emotional dramas in our lives more easily.

Dreams that feature nightmares are one of the most commonly experienced types. Nightmares may represent trauma or stress in your life or be linked to death anxiety.

Nightmares occur most frequently during REM sleep and typically feature vivid images of physical danger. People suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) also often have nightmares; researchers speculate that they provide their brains a means to cope with an emotionally taxing or uncertain period in their lives.

8. Dreamcatcher

Dream catchers are gorgeous yet effective tools for spreading positive energy into your life, offering protection from negative vibes while you sleep. It serves both as an object of affection as well as protection.

Dream catchers have their roots in Ojibwe culture. They were initially made to honor Asibikaashi, or spider woman, who served as spiritual protector of their tribe.

These instruments are typically constructed from willow branch hoops, nettle fibers or sinews and decorated with beads or feathers for decoration. Their web serves to trap bad dreams and expel them during sleep while their feathers act as ladders to allow good ones in.

As these symbols have become widely adopted outside of Native American cultures, their true significance must be acknowledged and honored. When purchasing a dream catcher from an authentic source such as Native America or an artisan-created one, make sure it supports their cause while supporting him/her financially.

9. Symbols of Love

There have long been symbols of love throughout history that we can incorporate into bracelets to show someone our affection and show that you care.

The Heart – One of the most universally recognized symbols of love is a heart. It symbolizes everything from friendship and affection all the way to romantic love.

Golden Arrow – Even long after the Greeks have vanished from our lives, Cupid’s arrow remains a universal symbol of love and desire. Eros (Cupid) fell for Psyche due to being hit with this golden arrow which caused Eros to fall in love.

Roses have long been seen as an emblem of love in our culture. Their fragrant bloom can lift someone’s spirits and have great power when it comes to romantic connections.

10. Messages of Hope

Messages of hope can be an inspiring way to spread hope and encouragement to others, whether that means encouraging a friend in need or as a gift for someone working through mental health challenges.

People who wear salvation bracelets usually choose colors such as black, red, blue, white, green or yellow to signify each of the six elements of Christian salvation story. Each color symbolizes an important part of this narrative and serves as a visual reminder that Jesus’ blood cleansed away their sins and gave them eternal life.

Empowerment bracelets and necklaces with inspiring messages of hope are also great gifts to give women who may be experiencing hardship or celebrating an achievement.

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