Types of Earring Closures

There are various earring closure options available today, each offering their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s examine some of the more popular choices here.

Latch back earrings are an increasingly popular choice among those seeking heavy, hoop-style earrings. The latch back design features a hinged post that snaps into a metal catch of various shapes and sizes.

Push Back

Finding the ideal type of earring closure when shopping for earrings should be one of your main priorities; this will help ensure they remain securely fastened without falling off or losing grip over time.

Push back earring closures are among the most widely-used, and come standard on almost all stud earrings you purchase. Butterfly and bullet backs offer similar functionality; however, with two small loops attached to their posts where the post can slide into to secure its position.

Comfortable, and made with hypoallergenic metals, earphones are easy to use and an ideal choice for sensitive ears as their backs may be small and hard to see.

Push backs are not as secure as screw backs; therefore, if your concern about their possible loss lies elsewhere. In such instances, a higher-quality push back would likely provide more assurance and safety.

Screw back earrings provide more security, which makes them the ideal choice for diamond studs or earrings of high value. Although installing screw backs takes slightly more time, it is well worth your while for added peace of mind.

Push and butterfly backs are excellent choices for people who don’t want their earrings falling off, yet still require some effort when wearing larger or more valuable pieces of jewelry. Although they might take more effort than their push/butterfly counterparts to put on, push backs may prove more secure overall.

Latch Back

Latch backs are an increasingly popular earring closure choice for drop and dangling earrings, featuring either a curved or straight wire that goes through the ear hole and snaps over it to secure it. Latch backs can also be found on delicate types of backs such as hoops.

These types of earring closures are comfortable to wear and can help secure your earrings in place. Just be sure to feel the post lock into its latch as otherwise the earring could slip off your ear!

Screw backs are similar to friction backs in that instead of pushing them onto your earrings, you twist them tightly to tighten onto a threaded post. While they are easy and secure, screw backs may prove frustrating when in a rush or needing fast fastening fast.

La pousette backs are another easy to use type of earring closure, featuring dents in their shaft/post that prevent it from slipping off your earring.

This type of earring closure is an extremely popular choice among both women and children alike, thanks to their secure clasp design that locks closed for added safety. They’re especially suitable for beginning wearers or earrings worn by small children or babies.

Earring closures are designed for ease of use and security; however, they can be hard to keep clean. Over time they may loosen or become dislodged from their posts. Furthermore, it may be challenging to remove and replace them so it is crucial that you choose one suitable for your individual needs.

French Wire

French wire, also referred to as gimp or bullion wire, is a type of fine coiled wire commonly used to connect beading findings. Ideal for creating unique junctures and protecting stringing materials from abrasion, French wire is available in gold or silver hues and can be bent into various shapes to give your work a professional appearance.

French wire closures are popularly chosen to secure dangly earrings. Their curved hooks fit through your earlobe without leaving an unattractive backstretch behind them – making these styles effortless yet beautiful to wear!

Dangling earrings typically made of sterling silver or gold are available in numerous styles to meet various aesthetic preferences. Furthermore, allergy free ear wires make these an excellent option for people with sensitive ears.

Lever backs are another popular style of earring back, offering secure closure by snapping over an ear wire to create a secure closure, typically more securely than kidney backs.

These types of earring backs may require extra care when positioning them correctly; otherwise, they could easily become misplaced over time and require constant supervision to remain intact. Be mindful to secure them properly to avoid their disappearance!

Hinged backs offer more secure closure than lever backs, making them an excellent option for more expensive earrings.

Earrings are an integral component of any outfit and can make or break your look. To ensure the earrings you love remain worn confidently with pride, choose an appropriate closure that complements your style and wear your chosen pieces with pride.

Screw Back

Screw backs are one of the most widely-used types of earring closure. Also referred to as threaded backs, they offer secure wear for earrings that you want to keep securely in place.

Screw backs are convenient and straightforward to put on and take off; simply screw the back onto your earring post before inserting your stud earring. Plus, this type of back is more secure than push backs – an important consideration for larger or more valuable studs.

Find earring backs that suit your style perfectly in regular and large sizes for easy searching. While push backs may cost less upfront, their increased security could make the difference for some wearers.

Earring backs are an ideal addition to dangle, drop, and non-flexible threader earrings, as well as non-flexible threaders that require no flexibility for threading. Available in gold and silver hues.

There are various styles of earring backs available, all serving to protect your earring from becoming lost or damaged. Finding an appropriate back can make all the difference in terms of how comfortable and secure it feels when worn.

Screw back earring backs provide the highest level of security among all available options, although they may take slightly more effort to put on and take off than push backs. However, their extra security more than makes up for their greater effort when worn correctly.

Earring backs with grooved posts provide more discreet options, making them suitable for people with smaller earlobes. Unfortunately, however, their main drawback is being hard to clean properly due to having grooved surfaces on their posts.

Lever Back

Lever back earring closures are a popular style of earring closure and come in various designs and materials such as gold, silver or other precious metals. Additionally, they come with diamonds pearls or other gems incorporated into them for additional embellishment.

Lever back earring closures provide superior security and may help ensure large gemstone earrings do not fall out, while they also make great choices for women who prefer heavier earrings as they provide added stability and safety.

When purchasing earrings with this type of earring closure, make sure they meet your specific needs. For instance, it might be wise to steer clear from dangle earrings featuring lever backs as these can be more challenging to put on and remove than others.

An additional advantage of these earring closures is their reduced potential to snag hair than traditional jewelry does, reducing damage and frazzled ends that standard pieces cause. This makes them a great option for people with busy lifestyles who worry about their jewelry falling off when swimming or working out at the gym.

Finally, the lever back earring closure is easy and doesn’t take much effort to use; simply squeeze both ends of the back to open it up and insert your post.

Lever back earring closures are popularly found on drop, hoop and dangle earrings for their secure yet comfortable design. Lever backs offer some additional shine to any earring’s sparkle while offering additional security against loss. Available in many styles to meet any need.

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